Personal and Professional Development Programs


Leadership Development training begins with making decisions from relevant and sound information.

Leadership Mentoring helps you to have the confidence, assurance, and willingness to take action with making competent decisions.

The Leader programs are:

  • Strategic focus on relevant topics. 
  • Decision-led, Action oriented, and Results focused!
  • Can be customized for your professional growth.

Programs offered:

  • Leadership Lifestyle.
  • Career: Development, Acceleration, and Transition.
  • Speaker Training And Growth Enhancement
  • Skills Training Modules: (Groups welcome!)
  • Group Coaching (10-15 individuals) 



Dr. Munson speaks on relevant topics that will educate, motivate, and inspire you to take action and implement your knowledge and skills.

These topics include:

  • Overcoming professional obstacles.
  • Obtaining professional life skill tools.
  • Goal achievement with a Results plan.
  • Leadership that communicates.
  • Communications biggest gift!
  • Who stole your confidence?


Dr. Gene Munson has years of experience in speaking, communications, and leadership. He has authored conference papers, journal articles, books, ebooks, developed seminar materials, and ghostwritten these and more. He delivers presentations, training seminars, programs, and webinars. He develops webisodes, BLOGS, and video-scripts. 

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